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For over 39 years...

​Zeager Landscaping has been serving customers in Central / South Central, PA. We are a team of landscape professionals ready to meet your residential and commercial needs. As a family-owned business, Zeager Landscaping aims to be your go-to landscaping company. 


Since 1984, Zeager Landscaping has built a reputation of reliability and value in our commitment to meeting the unique needs of our clients. Creating and maintaining beautiful landscaping is what we do best, always with our signature touch.

Meet the Owner

Kenny attended Penn College, graduating with an Associates Degree in Horticulture with a Landscape Design emphasis. Kenny's vision for Zeager Landscaping focuses on growing personal client relationships, building upon the business' long-standing reputation, and ensuring a quality experience for customers and employees alike.

About Kenny

Kenny lives in Elizabethtown with his wife Kari and baby girl on the way. Kenny and Kari are actively involved in the community, and enjoy spending time outdoors.


Photo Credit: Kari Nicole Photography / Kari Zeager

Father & Son

Ken Zeager started Zeager Landscaping Designs and Nursery in 1984. Kenny, Ken's only son, had the opportunity to witness his father start this small business from the ground up. As a boy, Kenny occasionally joined his father for client meetings, ever growing in knowledge and interest in the business. Kenny distinctly remembers customers often asking him, “Are you going to take over your father's business someday?" His response had always been an enthusiastic, "Yes!"


In 2009, Kenny started working for his father as a Landscape Technician, and later a Landscape Foreman/Manager. Over time, Kenny's passion, knowledge, and experience surrounding the landscaping business has grown. In the beginning of 2021, Kenny purchased his father's business. 


Photo Credit: Kari Nicole Photography / Kari Zeager



We're hiring! We are looking for individuals who align with the values of our company and take interest in what we do. Being a hard working team player with a positive attitude is important to us.


We care about each of our employees, making both proper training and consistent encouragement a priority for everyone on our team. We provide opportunity for advancement and longterm positions.


We can't wait to hear from you. Contact us to ask about current openings and opportunities.

Bring your visions to life...
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